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Ezikweb best digital agency of Pakistan specialize in Developing Websites that meet high standards

Beyond the simple graphic representation, we favor the user experience. The design of the web project will be considered according to the optimal way in which the internet user will interact with it in order to create a pleasant and non-frustrating user experience.

How many times have we left a web page that was taking too long to load, the number of times we got lost in poorly thought out menu trees, websites that were not ergonomically adapted to tablets and other smart phones…

With the arrival of different supports such as smart phones, tablets, and connected objects, UX Design is therefore important to take into account and will make the difference.

Customized integration of the design and implementation of advanced tools for content management.

Creation of a website

What is a good website?

To create a quality website, you must: A clear, sober, ergonomic and adaptive design; A structured, understandable and consistent tree structure; An airy model rich in quality illustrations; Relevant content, well written and divided into simple sentences; Editorial content that provides real added value; “Fresh” content, recent, regularly updated;

A site optimized for search engines and social networks. In order to meet each of these requirements, ezikweb has developed a methodology of its own, which gives paramount importance to the study of the need, advice, and training. Our approach aims to be particularly inclusive, by integrating you at all stages of the production process.

We thus create quality websites for any type of project: showcase websites for SMEs, corporate websites for large companies or local institutions, e-commerce websites, web applications; web design is our core business.

Ezikweb best digital agency

Editorial strategy




Editorial strategy

The editorial strategy is a process based on your needs to define and prioritize the content of your digital communication.

The editorial strategy is a content-based marketing technique; its goal is to gain the prospect’s attention with quality content, bringing real added value.

Indeed, the content of a website is what will determine both the understanding of the visitor and in large part its natural referencing (that is to say, the way search engines regard it). To help you design a good website, ezikweb offers a personalized approach according to the following steps…

Any web project begins with an analysis of your needs. For this, ezikweb organizes with you an introductory web marketing workshop, during which we define together your needs, targets, and objectives. This workshop is also the opportunity to define the personas, or “typical visitors”, who will visit your site. Understanding and meeting their expectations is the goal of this workshop.

Following the first workshop, ezikweb establishes a content strategy, consistent with your internal organization.
Presented in a reference document, the content strategy can have several objectives:
Increase traffic;
Improve its natural referencing;
Reach new customers;
Build audience loyalty;
Improve its brand image;
Become a benchmark in its sector…
Once the main lines of your content strategy defined, you must prioritize and prioritize your content. Together, we define the “most important” content or content that meets the expectations of certain priority targets.
It is on this basis that ezikweb then offers you a tree structure, then if necessary a detailed plan of the contents of your future website.

And once the contents are prioritized, it is important to approach their writing in accordance with the rules and standards of the web. Your visitors will not read your content in the same way depending on how they are constructed and presented. In particular, care should be taken to use short sentences, expressing clear, airy, illustrated ideas…
In addition, search engines are increasingly attentive to the quality of your content. They make a semantic “reading”, which allows them to calculate the position that your site will have on their results pages. Respecting their recommendations is therefore essential to improve your visibility.
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The website mockup is its visible part to the visitor. It defines the organization of the elements of the page, and the use of colors, images, etc.

For your website to be pleasant, you must naturally take care of the design of the graphic interface, but above all, for your website to be effective, you must build an intelligent layout adapted to your objectives and your content.

The mock-up is therefore a decisive step on the way your visitors will perceive your content and your brand. She must hold. It must take into account the requirements of each of your targets, to provide smooth and pleasant navigation to your visitors, who must be converted into prospects.

The creation of the model is a major phase of the website design. Most often provided internally by ADAGE, it consists of four major stages: user experience, user interface, responsive design, and illustration.

User experience is a discipline that emphasizes the satisfaction of a visitor when using the website: if your visitor is uncomfortable on your site if he does not quickly find what he searches if advertisements slow down his navigation… he will leave.
To keep visitors on your site, ADAGE uses personas (who are my visitors? What do they want?) To define one or more user routes. By designing a route that is consistent with the target’s needs, the model is then intuitive, and the visitor naturally “guided” on the site.

As a component of the user experience, the graphical interface is the immediately visible part of your site for its visitor. It is made of colors, shapes, fonts, pictograms … Its objective is to make navigation intuitive, thanks to a functional design, which inspires confidence and which allows the user to reach his goal.
User interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

The adaptability of a website is its ability to be viewed from any device (Smartphone, tablet, computer, television, etc.)
However, most Internet users connecting on mobile, it is now essential to have an adaptive website, also called mobile-friendly, or responsive.
The content depends on the image, it adapts to its medium Drawing
If on the web it is often said that content is king, then the image is queen. Whether static or animated, whether illustrative or photographic, the image is the first element that your visitor perceives, the one on which he stops, which helps him find his bearings or identify a subject, understand a complex idea or having more confidence …
A picture is worth a thousand words
ezikweb helps you choose your images and recommend the best photographers and graphic designers to provide your visitors with optimum user comfort.


Development is the technical phase of the web project; it consists in translating strategy and model into a site or a functional application.

From the choice of hosting to the integration of content, the development phase of a web project often involves specialized technical skills, which it is prudent to leave to professionals.

Our experts take care of the configuration and administration of the servers, as well as the backend (server-side) and frontend (user side) programming of your projects. Thanks to solid partnerships, ezikweb digital marketing agency can develop even the most complex projects.


Sizing your web hosting solution correctly, choosing the right supplier, configuring the platform properly, and securing it are crucial steps for the sustainability of your project. For simplicity, ezikweb can take care of all of these steps and will give you all the keys and instructions at the end of the project allowing you to hand over to a third party if you wish.


WordPress has become THE content management system or CMS, for Content Management System. With almost a third of the websites in the world, WordPress is far ahead of its main competitors.
ezikweb is a specialized WordPress agency; our experts have mastered this CMS at your fingertips, both in terms of security and development issues, as well as all that is integration, referencing, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Functional Developments

Is the specific functionality required for your project? From simple dynamic form to the complex application, ezikweb provides all functional development services to integrate into your website.

Web integration

Integration is the phase during which the content is integrated into the layout. Implying a good knowledge of HTML and CSS for a “pixel-perfect” rendering, integration is ensured by particularly rigorous technicians, attentive to detail, and a job well done.


Protecting your website and its users should be a priority; it’s technical maintenance. Refreshing your pages and offering “fresh” content is also essential to keep your audience and improve your positioning; it’s editorial maintenance. However, monitoring this positioning involves monitoring e-reputation, which ezikweb digital agency provides for you and of which we report to you monthly.

Technical maintenance

Technical maintenance mainly consists in ensuring the security and availability of the website. It mainly involves server maintenance, application updates, and an uptime watch alerting the technician if the website is unavailable. An unmaintained site could compromise not only the site itself – and the reputation of the brand – but also the data of its visitors, even their browsing security. This is why technical maintenance is mandatory in all ezikweb maintenance contracts.

Our maintenance contracts bind us: we guarantee that the site will be restored identically in the event of a successful pirate attack (within 24 to 72 hours depending on your contract).

Editorial maintenance

To be regularly consulted and well referenced on search engines, a website must be updated often. The publication of new content, news, events, offers, products … is a job that must be done regularly.

ezikweb digital marketing agency can train you in editorial maintenance in order to be autonomous in updating your website, or you can entrust this mission to us according to an annual fee in addition to technical maintenance.

Positioning watch

Position monitoring allows you to measure the evolution of your website’s position in the search engine results pages. It is carried out on combinations of keywords by country and by the engine.

Monthly reports

In order to always keep you informed of the operations that are carried out on your website, ezikweb offers to send you a monthly report.

This report is included in all of our maintenance packages, and includes at least: a list of security updates performed, a summary of the traffic received, a summary of availability, and the positions monitored. In addition, if your site is subject to a major attack, we will notify you within a few hours.

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This eZikweb did a great job. There were some issues with relevancy at first, but the eZikweb did a fantastic job correcting the issue and providing a solution. I would be happy to order again in the future.