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Natural referencing (SEO)

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Are your customers and prospects not found on the search engines? We have a solution to help you. Natural referencing or SEO aims to improve the position of your website in the results of search engines, and particularly Google. Unlike SEA or paid SEO, SEO is completely free. It is the search engines themselves that will reference and index the different pages of your website so that users can access them from their research.

What is good SEO?

A good natural referencing is determined according to the position in the search engine results when a user makes a query: that is to say, being in the first Google results. In fact, you will have more chance of surfing on your site if you are in the 1st results than when your site is on page 10!

How do I get a great score for my SEO?

Today, there is not an exhaustive list of all the techniques to become Google’s best friend. But we already know a lot, here is a small list: Optimize your website:
architecture and structure of your site, tag optimization (title, Meta description, H1 …), loading speed, mobile-friendly, etc.
Get backlinks: but don’t abuse it, otherwise, Google can penalize you!
Write relevant, diverse, and regular content: text, image, link, videos must be on your site if possible, and especially if it is relevant to the user!

This is just the start! Natural referencing requires work during the creation of your site but also after: it, therefore, requires a long-term vision. Unlike paid referencing (SEA), natural referencing is a little slower, so the results may be expected but will pay off in the long term.


SEO has several areas of expertise. Our team helps you find the ones you need to work for. Here is how our service takes place:

Analysis of the existing

we analyze your website, your market, as well as your competitors in order to note the points to improve.

Creation of a roadmap

we list all the SEO problems that we see and we offer various solutions to remedy them.

Implementation of solutions

depending on your objectives, the solutions that we offer can be either implemented by our team or by you.

Reporting and analysis

after a set period of time, we analyze the results of the solutions we have installed.The work on quality SEO services is specific to each company. Our work is therefore unique for each project. Our desire is to adapt to each client.

The work on quality SEO services is specific to each company. Our work is therefore unique for each project. Our desire is to adapt to each client.

Site Optimization

Is your website aging? Do you want to redesign or modernize it?

Optimizing a website initially involves carrying out an audit in order to improve the user experience (UX Design), its conversion rate but also the technical aspect. Also, it is often done in order to improve SEO.

ezikweb agency website optimization

Why should I optimize my site?

The web is constantly changing, many new products are emerging, especially in technical terms, UX Design, the appearance of the site or even on the conversion funnel. Optimizing your site will allow you to update and improve:

The appearance of your site by adopting more current trends. The user experience (UX) with the aim of bringing the best experience in terms of navigation and making your customers and prospects happy.

The conversion tunnel to get more customers and/or prospects and generate turnover.

Your natural referencing by reworking the semantics of your content and its structure.

Load time by optimizing the code and elements of your website.

The security of your site by benefiting from the latest updates…

What do you propose?

Indeed, when working on your own website, it is sometimes complicated to see all of its small flaws. By mobilizing external expertise, you bring a new and neutral look to the relevance of your site and its objectives.

The multidisciplinarity of our team (web marketing, web development, communication, and graphics), allows us to assess the relevance of your graphic choices and your content. Here are the stages of an audit by our agency:

Optimizing your site will allow you to draw conclusions and set out on new bases in order to (re) conquer your market.

Why Choose Ezikweb?

Maintaining contact 24/7, eZikWeb has a team of great planners .they have a strong skill of planning in all business fields.

Today success still requires good execution,eZikWweb provides smart execution in all services.

While maintaining 24/7 contact our eZIKWeb team when you need any best and high-quality services.

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